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Staff Information
Aaron Thurston, Founder
Aaron is the founder of Carolina Tactical Outfitters, LLC.  Aaron has a long history of firearm usage and responsible firearm ownership started by his father and grandfather.  Aaron was raised to respect firearms and understand proper use for sport, defense, and survival.  Additionally, he is a former regional competitive shooter in both three gun and IDPA.  With a vast amount of experience in fire, rescue, EMS, emergency preparedness, exercise design, exercise evaluation, emergency planning, and law enforcement tactical operations, Aaron is well-rounded.  Aaron has attended hundreds of hours in emergency medical and pre-hospital care and hold certifications as Paramedic and Paramedic Instructor.  Along with this training and education, he also serves as a tactical medical specialist working with two special response teams responsible for response to high risk incidents.  Aaron has a vast knowledge of firearm use, firearm safety, tactical medicine, handgun use, AK platform operations, close-quarters tactics, casualty extraction, and team tactics.  Recently, Aaron has been appointed to a mass violence planning committee and asked to develop a public safety training curriculum for response to incidents.  Feel free to contact Aaron with questions about products, training, and any other business matter.   

Kara Thurston, Instructor / Administration & Logistics

Kara has many years of paramedic experience in both the emergency and critical care settings.  She is an instructor in the medical and survival courses.  She has a solid background in acute emergency conditions in the pre-hospital and in-patient settings.  Kara also assists in sales, marketing, course logistics, display design, and general operations. 

Other Staff Include:

Brian Long, Inside Sales Rep

Chris Andrews, Part-time Inside Sales Rep

Mike McCoy, Part-time Outside Sales Rep

Dillon Simpson, Intern

James Gray, Part-time Inside Sales Rep

Justin Lovingood, Adjunct Medical Instructor

Don Shupe, Part-time Inside Sales Rep


Other adjunct instructors as needed


Carolina Tactical Outfitters, LLC

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