We offer the armor listed below and more:

Level III Armor Steel Plates with or without frag coating
Shooter's Cut 10”x12” Curved

Swimmer's Cut 10"x12" Curved

Shooter's Cut 11"x14" Curved
6”x6” Side Plate Curved
6”x8” Side Plate Curved

Level III+ Lightweight Polyethylene Plates
Shooter's Cut 10"x12" Curved (3.5lbs each!)

Shooter's Cut 11"x14" Curved

6"x6" Side Plates

Ceramic and Composite Level IV Armor

Shooter's Cut 10"x12" Plate

Level IIIA Armor
10”x12” Square Panel

11"x14" Square Panel

8"x10" Square Panel

6"x6" Side Panels

6”x8” Side Panels

Shooter's Cut 10"x12" Panel

Shooter's Cut 11"x14" Panel

Level IIIA Vests with plate pockets (S-4XL) starting at $300.00

All armor is labeled with a NIJ rating and meets all NIJ standards based on classification.  Armor is all new production, no surplus or used items.

Please contact us if you wish to place an order for armor items. 

Currently, we do not offer online sales of body armor.

Body Armor - Soft and Hard

Body Armor 101
Soft Armor is rated for handgun calibers.  Levels of soft armor are II, IIA, and IIIA.  IIIA is the highest level of protection in soft armor and stops up to 44mag and .357Sig.  This is based on the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) testing and standards for body armor.  This is the primary agency responsible for body armor ratings.  

Plates or hard armor are rated slightly differently.  Plates levels are III, III+, IV with IIIA required, and IV stand alone as set forth by the NIJ.  We offer III, III+ and IV stand alone plates in various sizes.  We are a high volume distributor for AR500 armor, who manufacturers Level III plates rated to stop up to .308Win FMJ.  Level IV multi-hit stand alone plates will stop up to .30cal armor piercing rounds, with multi-hit being more than one round.  Level III+ falls between the two and gives additional protection and durability over that of a Level III plate.  We stock AR500 level III plates and are more than happy to order Level IV stand alone plates for our customers.  

Carolina Tactical Outfitters' Body Armor Disclaimer
Please read the following disclaimer if you are purchasing any form of armor, body armor, bulletproof vest, plates, soft armor, hard armor, bullet-resistant vest, flack jacket, or items by any other name designed to protect the wearer from sustaining physical injury from handgun or rifle projectiles.  
While the armor, soft or hard, has been certified by the NIJ to withstand various threat levels, it is up to the customer to determine the suitability of this product for use in their particular application and customer assumes all risks associated with such determination. Carolina Tactical Outfitters and its subsidiaries do not warrant this armor package for any particular purpose. Purchaser is solely responsible for complying with all applicable local, state or Federal laws.
Export of Body Armor or related accessories (such as manuals) is strictly regulated by the US Department of State in accordance with the guidelines of the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR). It is a major crime to ship or carry US manufactured body armor outside the borders of the United States, punishable by fines and prison sentences. Ignorance of these regulations will not hold up in court. By purchasing any body armor item, you attest that you will not attempt to export or carry this equipment outside the  orders of the United States. Again, this is a crime punishable by fines and prison sentences.
Carolina Tactical Outfitters and its subsidiaries do not accept returns of armor for any reason.  All purchases of armor are final.  Armor will NOT be shipped or sold outside of the United States.  The sale of armor may be refused to any customer at the discretion of Carolina Tactical Outfitters, its subsidiaries, and staff.  No legal obligation exists which indicates this disclaimer, quotation, advertisement, online information, email, website, or verbal discussion constitutes a contract to sell armor to any person, business, company, or government agency.
Carolina Tactical Outfitters, its subsidiaries, its staff, and associates are not responsible for injuries or death associated with the purchase, use, misuse, or negligent act involving armor products.  The purchaser is solely responsible for correct use of armor products and any injury or death associated with the armor products.

Thank you,  
The Management of Carolina Tactical Outfitters

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